Travel Advisory to Kenya

The Kenya Travel Advisory helps to alert all visitors to Kenya on the event of any security risk that may happen in the country. This ensures that all foreigners are aware of what to do in the event of any security threat and be advised accordingly. Many visitors mainly NGO’s some doing their own research tend to visit deep in the slums without any accompaniment. This according to the Kenya Travel Advisory is risky in the event that any riot or anything risky occurring the way out to a safer place will be highly unlikely since trying to figure out the way out is also highly risky.

The Kenya Travel Advisory further tells foreigners to register with any breaking news service that will alert them on their website, as this will enable the Embassy to get in touch with them in any case of a security alert.

It also advises Canadian and American citizens that are in Kenya to call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free so that they may receive up to date information on the security situation in Kenya at any time.

The different Travel Kenya Advisories from various countries also want tourists to Kenya to keep in touch with their embassies form time to time.

At the moment there is no security alert that has been reported because the country tends to be calm and no issues of people fighting is on. Kenyans are very peaceful people.

It only happened once after the 2007 general elections and I do not think the violence can happen again since the constitution and reforms are underway.

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